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Title: Cowardly Lion
Location: Kansas City Star Courtyard - 18th & Grand
Artist: Jeff A. Tackett
Sponsor: Kansas City Star

Jeff Tackett created three cows for the Wizard of Oz herd, the “Cowardly Lion”, the “Scarecow”, and the “Udderly Wicked Witch.” In order to give his cows an authentic look for these easily recognized icons, he decided they would need to be sculpted, instead of just painted.

The Cowardly Lion was the first, in about 3 weeks for use by CowParade for pre-event promotion. The Scarecow was the next to be added to the herd. Jeff was going to stop there but as the cows were being put out, the Witch was given the green light, and manically put together in about three weeks. The mediums for each included things as aluminum mesh, plaster gauze, spray foam insulation, felt, Elmer’s glue, and exterior house paint.

Jeff feels the Wizard of Oz is the embodiment of a classic fairy tale journey with themes of growth and perseverance. “Throw in the added benefits of hometown iconography, and catchy cow names and I just couldn’t pass dressing up three fiberglass cows to look like these great movie characters.”

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on October 5, 2001 at Starlight Theatre.

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