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Title: At the Moolin Rouge
Location: Starlight Theatre/Swope Park/KC Zoo
Artist: Jon Fulton Adams
Sponsor: Starlight Theatre

Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? This is the query contemplated by At the Moolin Rouge, a colorful, vibrant light-hearted nod to Henri de Toulouse-Loutrec and the society he inhabited, documented and eventually succumbed to. “When people see my cow, I hope they, like Toulouse-Loutrec, look for the riotous color and amazing, grotesque faces and forms that bombard them every day, and realize that life, indeed, does imitate art,” explains artist John Fulton Adams, a fashion designer with Halls Department Store.

This cow was sold in the internet auction hosted by that began on October 5, 2001, immediately following the close of the live auction and ran for approximately three weeks.

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