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Title: Tin Cow… from the Wizard of OX
Location: Kansas City Star Courtyard - 18th & Grand
Artist: Dave Fisher
Sponsor: Kansas City Star

"Tin Cow... from the Wizard of OX" consists of three gallons of automotive fiberglass-putty on the legs, to stick them out from the main body, to make them seem like robot-legs. Hundreds of metal screws drilled into hundreds of holes in the cow, four coats of paint... the last using small multi-directional brushstrokes to simulated hammered metal. Said artist Dave Fisher, “It seemed to be a good theme for a KC cow... plus, I just really wanted to do a ROBO-COW! The message is... : I AM NOT A HUMAN! I AM AN ANIMAL!"

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on October 5, 2001 at Starlight Theatre.

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