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Title: West Bottoms Bossy
Location: Downtown KC, MO - Barney Allis area
Artist: Carol McCall
Sponsor: American Royal Association

West Bottoms Bossy stands as a reminder to Kansas City history. The Livestock industry was once a major part of Kansas City's economy. The stockyards were located in an area known as the West Bottoms, bottomland along the Missouri River. She wears the planks of the cattle pens and carries the tools of the stockman's trade, the rope and the whip that made the Kansas City Stockyards world famous. In West Bottoms Bossy, artist Carol McCall created not only an ode to history, but also a wonderful piece of artwork.

Nature is a powerful inspiration to artist Carol McCall and it is seen in her paintings. Her rural environment has always been a major resource. Brilliant color and flowing surfaces are combined with dramatic composition to make her paintings a visual experience.

This cow was sold in the internet auction hosted by that began on October 5, 2001, immediately following the close of the live auction and ran for approximately three weeks.

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