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Cows drink 25-50 gallons of water each day. That's nearly a bathtub full.

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Title: Art of America
Location: Crown Center
Artist: Cynthia Hudson
Sponsor: Friends of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Art of America is painted with acrylic paints using broad brush strokes, heavy textures, bright colors and a whimsical style. The message, says Hudson, is “Art is Fun!”

Known for her use of bold strokes, vibrant colors, and heavy textures, Cynthia enjoys a variety o subjects, such as Jazz, Dance, Floral, and abstracts and her work can also be seen on the nationally televised show, Dharma and Greg.

This cow was sold in the internet auction hosted by that began on October 5, 2001, immediately following the close of the live auction and ran for approximately three weeks.

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