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Title: CowDoodle
Location: Country Club Plaza
Artist: Ann Clemens
Sponsor: Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal

CowDoodle aimlessly grazed the streets of Country Club Plaza this summer to the delight of all. According to the artist, “CowDoodle is a spontaneous doodle, staying true to the shape and features of the cow drawing that was supplied. I transferred the sketch in six bold colors using various shades of some and altering some doodle elements to adjust to the actual form of the cow. The cow itself was the inspiration. Cow spots became cow splats, which is actually a shape which is a part of the vocabulary that makes up my visual language. I’ve been seriously doodling for over 17 years. The forms (splats) are an obsession in search of the perfect one, as if I’m perfecting the shape. The cow-as-canvas is a perfect match for my visual language. The biomorphic shapes indicate my whimsical approach to cow spots.”

This cow was sold in the internet auction hosted by that began on October 5, 2001, immediately following the close of the live auction and ran for approximately three weeks.

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