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A cow gives nearly 200,000 glasses of milk in her lifetime.

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Title: An Udderly Moo-jestic View
Location: Shawnee Mission Park
Artist: Arlene Haner
Sponsor: KMBC - TV 9

Most refer to this bovine as an udder masterpiece. There are two magnificent scenes on An Udderly Moo-jestic View, a snow scene on the left side, and a late fall scene on the right side of her. Both sides are scenes from the country with nostalgic old barns and cabins. The cow’s horns, udders, hooves and tail are in gold to signify the importance of a golden age gone by. Both scenes contain Red Birds and cows of course! It is ‘Udderly Moo-jestic’!

Commenting on the inspiration for her paintings and cow, she said, “A lot of us often remember happy and simpler times in our past, and peaceful memories of times in the country. When people look at my paintings I hope they become a part of the scene as though they were standing right there, coming home from an evening sled ride to a warm fireplace in an old cabin; or standing by a stream in the country smelling the scent of hay, gazing at a beautiful late Moo-jestic Autumn day.”

This cow was sold in the internet auction hosted by that began on October 5, 2001, immediately following the close of the live auction and ran for approximately three weeks.

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