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Title: A Moo in June
Location: Prairie Village Shops, KS
Artist: Professor Winston Branch
Megan Christensen
Jack Hayes
Micah Tenner
Yui Udo
Dana Rose
Sponsor: Prairie Village Shops

Kansas State University CowParade Team created A Moo in June. The work is a collaboration between five talented art students and their art professor,
Winston Branch. It includes original works by each of the students. Together, these images reflect the diversity of the students and academic programs at Kansas State University. In between the vignettes of student work are bright splashes of color chosen by the team leader, Professor Branch. Most prominent of these colors is royal purple, the school color that is often proudly displayed by students and the university community in Manhattan, KS. The KSU Team hopes that viewers will see the imagination, wit, and talent of the KSU students, as well as the diversity and strength of Kansas‚ land grant university.

Professor Branch is a visting Art Professor at Kansas State University and an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkley and is a past award winner of the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, New York.

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on October 5, 2001 at Starlight Theatre.

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